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We all know how important staying hydrated is for the human body, but being able to tell if you’re hydrated may seem a little bit more complicated than it really is.  Today, we’re breaking down this complex question into a few simple signs to look out for, so join us as we discuss some of the telltale signs that you are properly hydrated!

The first (and most reliable) sign of being hydrated may gross you out a little bit.  Believe it or not, the color of your urine is a great indication to tell if you are properly hydrated.  A very light colored urine or something resembling water means that you are kicking butt at the hydration game, while a darker urine signifies that you need to add a little bit more water into your daily diet.  Since your urine is one way that your body removes waste from the body, a darker urine means that the body is trying to conserve as much water as it can.  Conversely, being well hydrated means that your body has more water to use at its disposal, making your urine a much lighter color.  

Another easy sign of proper hydration is how much you sweat.  Again, this may seem pretty gross, but having more water in your system allows your body to use it for various functions like sweat, leading you to sweat much more during physical exertion than usual.  However, despite this constant stream of sweat being a great sign of hydration, be sure to drink plenty of water when exercising to replace what you sweat!

Finally, another simple way of telling is on your thirst.  This one is a little bit trickier when determining how hydrated you are, but when you are not thirsty, you are hydrated.  Having a strong thirst is a sign of dehydration, so being content with your liquid intake is a sign of hydration.  Again, this is only a ballpark estimate of how hydrated you are—the previous two are much better indicators.

No matter how hydrated you appear, it is always beneficial to keep drinking water.  It is nature’s finest drink, and our water happens to come from some of nature’s finest springs.

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