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Summer is the time for fun, but a dose of sunburn can easily dampen those spirits.  It’s uncomfortable, aesthetically unpleasing, and above all, it just plain hurts.  If you’ve been the latest victim to sunburn, we have an easy tip that can make you feel better instantly.

Sunburn hurts because the UV rays damage the molecules inside of your skin cells.  To repair them, your body sends more resources to the scene to help repair the damaged cells, such as water.  Thus, whenever you are sunburned, you will naturally be dehydrated, adding to your cranky and uncomfortable mood.  To combat this, be sure to drink a few more bottles of water throughout the day.  The more hydrated you are, the more water your body can use to heal the sunburn, resulting in a faster healing time.

With proper hydration, you’ll be back out in the sun in no time; just be sure to wear enough sunscreen this time!

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