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11-1-16Well Glen Summit Spring fans, we have finally ventured over into November!  The time of turkey, stuffing, and pre-mature holiday commercials are now upon us, but so is cold season.  Whether you’re an employee, a student, or even just a stay-at-home-mom, getting sick can really put a damper on your weekly activities.  However, one quick remedy that you can always count on to get you back onto your feet is cool, refreshing spring water!

No matter how many times you have gone to the doctor for a cold, one of the things that they always tell you to do is to get a decent amount of rest and to drink plenty of fluids.  But, what kind of fluids do they mean, and how much is “enough”?

Typically speaking, the fluids that they are referring to is nothing else but water.  Water absorbs into the body quickly, has no calories, and is highly unlikely to cause any digestive issues, so it is the most recommended fluid.  However, some sicknesses that pull out the electrolytes in your body should be nourished with a sports drink, but those types do not include your typical head cold.  Water, especially spring water, provides the boost and minerals that you body needs to operate and to stay healthy, helping to expedite the healing process all together.

Now comes the second question: how much is “enough”?  Well, you definitely want to keep a consistent stream of water coursing throughout you during the day, so figure one glass per hour should be sufficient.  An easy way to meet this is to drink a full glass whenever you have to take a pill or with any meal, and you may be eating and medicating more than you realize.  In addition, if you are experiences symptoms of a more severe cold (like fever, nauseousness, diarrhea, and excessive coughing) then be sure to increase your water intake, as all of these can lead to dehydration.

When sick, it is incredibly important to stay hydrated, but to stay hydrated with the right type of water.  That is why we recommend spring water, as it has been naturally filtered and contains various minerals necessary for bodily functions, giving you a leg up over the water from the tap.

Even when sick, Glen Summit Spring Water will still deliver right to your door.  No matter how much you need, or when you need it, know that we are always here for you.  Give us a call today to keep yourself hydrated all week long!

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