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Trying to stay hydrated is a feat in and of itself, but there are little things you can do throughout the day to make that task go a little easier.  Sure, setting up a hydration game can go a long way, but if there if one thing that will help you on your quest towards hydration, it is drinking at the right time of day.  Join us today, as we go over the perfect times to sip on a cool glass of water!

Rise and Shine

Before reaching for that pot of coffee, reach instead for a cool glass of water to get your system going/  Drinking water right after you wake up is the perfect way to start your day, and it will set your body on a path of day-long hydration.

Pre-Meal Snack

Who says you have to eat to digest food?  You can help out your digestive system, metabolism, and hydration efforts all in one shot by drinking a glass of water 30 minutes before you sit down to eat a meal.  This will help to kickstart your digestive system, allowing the food you ate to pass through with no problem.  However, try not to drink too much water right before or after, as it can dilute some of the digestive enzymes that can inhibit nutrient absorption.  

Before Bed

Turning into a cool glass of water can help keep you hydrated by leaps and bounds before you turn in for the night.  This glass acts as a preventative measure, keeping your body hydrated despite losing some fluids during the night.  Just make sure you run to the bathroom before finally putting your head down to sleep.

Hydration may seem like a little bit of a challenge, but with the right mindset and a few simple tips, you can conquer that task with no effort.

Happy hydrating!

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