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8-2-16Summer is the time for fun, proper hydration, and to make memories.  While summer is commonly regarded as the best time of year by most people, it is also the most common time for water to be wasted.  Since spring water can only be sustained by natural, flowing water, water conservation is a topic very near and dear to our hearts.  So this summer, we hope that you’ll keep the following tips in mind to reduce your water-waste, and by doing so, keep freshwater easily accessible for many people around the globe.

One of the easiest, and arguably the most effective way to conserve water is to shorten the length of your shower.  By just shortening your shower time by an average of 2 minutes per shower, you can save up to 150 gallons of water per month.  By our calculations, that’s over 1,100 bottles of our spring water!  This is an easy feat to accomplish in the summer, especially because there are so many other things you can be doing other than spending 30 minutes in the shower!

In the summer, with farmers markets abundant, you are sure to bring home some fresh fruits and vegetables.  Common practice tells you to rinse them under water before using or cooking them, which should be done.  However, instead of running them under the tap, get a bowl, fill it with water, and rinse them with the water in the bowl.  By doing this, you are reducing the amount of water that is going directly into the drain, further saving the environment.  Dump the water on some plants outside when you’re finished to be a hero for H2O everywhere!

Finally, another way to conserve water in the summer is to limit the amount of carwashes you do.  To wash your car on your own, you will waste an average of 150 gallons of water.  To take it through the automatic cleaners, you are wasting 50 gallons; an improvement, but water down the drain, no less.  Instead, try to wait for Nature’s carwash (commonly known as “rain”) to clean your car.  Although, if you cannot wait, try to use an automatic carwash as opposed to a do-it-yourself job.

Conserving water in the summer is by no means rocket science; just simple tips.  By employing these simple tips, you will help us in our effort to reduce the amount of water wasted, and thus help us keep our promise of providing only the best water for our customers.

For more water conservation tips, be sure to check out the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s website!


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