The Dangers of a Soda-Only Diet

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From your doctor to your dentist, we have all heard about the dangers of soda, but how bad can it really be? Today, please join us as we talk about what would happen to your body if you were to drink only soda.

If you were to only drink soda—and no more water—here is what would happen to your body:

Rapid tooth decay

The corn syrup that is found in soda has the ability to stick directly to your teeth, where the rest of the sugar will do its magic to chip away at your enamel. Water has the ability to rinse your teeth free of plaque and stuck-on bacteria, but soda just bring them all together.

Intense dehydration

Most of the sodas that we find out in the world today contain some degree of caffeine, the magical little drug that gives you all the energy you need to perform throughout the day. However, this chemical is also known as a diuretic, which means that is will cause you to urinate more often. The more times you have to go, the more fluid your body has to push out, fluid that you may not have. To make matters even worse, soda is hard to digest, meaning that it will take your body a while to sort out the water from the sugar and other chemicals.

Pack on the pounds

Soda is the worst thing you can drink for weight loss, thanks to its high amount of empty calories. Take this, and add in the fact that this will be your primary source of hydration, and you have a recipe for massive weight gain. Making the choice to cut one soda out of your diet a day in favor of water can go a long way in keeping weight under control, and staying healthy all the time.

The dangers of soda are real, and it’s no wonder why so many people are leaving the carbonation craze in favor of fresh, pure water. Wholesome and wonderful, spring water is all you need to get you through your day.

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