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In our opinion, we feel as though it is great to drink water all throughout the day, no matter what you are doing.  However, you may come across some articles on the Internet that beg to differ, especially when concerning drinking during dinner.  Well, today we are here to set the facts straight on drinking water when you have a meal—read on to find out the truth behind this concept.

The main argument surrounding the idea that drinking water during a meal is bad for your digestion has to deal with the properties of water itself.  Some claim that by drinking water, you are reducing the amount of bile and essentially watering down the acid (no pun intended) in your stomach, making it much harder for you to digest what you just ate.  This is simply not true, as water helps to liquefy the food that you just ate, making it easier to digest as your stomach does not have to do much to break everything down.  Water also has the ability to kickstart your metabolism, making your body digest at a more efficient rate.

Not only that, but by drinking water during meals you are also contributing to your dental health, as the water helps to get out any of the food particles still left in your teeth, and basically acts as a mouthwash you can swallow.  Sure, other liquids can do the trick, but sugary sodas and teas can wind up sticking to your teeth, contributing to plaque.

As you can see, there are many benefits when it comes to drinking water during a meal, not to mention all the other benefits of drinking water in general.  So what do you say?  Have a cool glass of water with your dinner today!

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