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Over a year has passed since the state of emergency was declared in Flint, Michigan, and the water is still unsafe to drink.  According to local authorities, the tap water is still emitting high levels of lead, and many people in the town do not believe that the water will be safe to drink again.  Still, a year after the city shut down their public water consumption, bottled water has kept the townspeople going.

Unlike tap water, which can become contaminated as seen by the incident in Flint and other towns across the nation, spring water is all natural, not needing treatment to make it safe for drinking.  One of the main issues as to why there is a water crisis in Flint is that when the township switched their water source to the Flint River, there was an issue in the treatment of it, leading pipes to leak lead into the water supply.  Now, had the town pooled their water from an all-natural purified source—like where spring water is often sourced from—there would have been no issue in the treatment, and perhaps no water crisis in the first place.

Thanks to spring water being naturally filtered, there is no need for man-made filtration, which translates to a lesser chance of the water becoming contaminated and undrinkable.  Nature has been doing the filtration of spring water for eons, and will continue to provide fresh spring water for many people.  Luckily, there is enough bottled spring water in Flint to keep the people going, until the local government finally fixes the problem.

Help protect your family from the unsurities of tap water today by making the switch to spring water.  It is all-natural, filled with minerals, and is sure to keep your family happy and healthy.

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