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Hey there Glen Summit fans, we’re here with another edition of Fun Fact Friday!  Join us today, as we tell you how water may just do a better job in the morning than coffee!

From college students to office mavens, reaching for that first cup of coffee in the morning is exactly what you need to get your day going.  Rich and full of caffeine, it kicks you into action.  Well, what if we told you that there’s something even better at doing the job, while being better for you: water.

Giving your body exactly what it needs in the morning—a glass of cool water—will help it kick into gear faster than coffee will.  By drinking one glass on an empty stomach, you will kickstart your metabolism, which then fires of synapses in your brain, giving you that “awake and alert” feeling coffee gives.  However, one key difference is that the water will hydrate you, and not pull water out of your system like coffee will.

Don’t believe us?  Give it a try yourself for a few days, and see just how much of a difference it can make.

To get some help with your noble experiment, give us a call today for a case of our fresh spring water, straight from Glen Summit Springs!

Have a great weekend!

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