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drinking water crisis – eco concept

Hey there Glen Summit Spring Water fans, and welcome to our newest feature: Fun Fact Friday!  Every Friday, we will write a different fact about water, and tell you a little about it.  

Join us today, as we give you a quick fact about how much drinking water there is on our planet!

Water is goodness to the definition—wholesome, hearty, and oh so delicious.  There is no wonder why fresh water is in high demand, as it is just what you need to get through your day.  Now, although there is great demand for great tasting water, how much of it is currently on our planet.

As it stands right now, only about 1,1% of all water on Earth is good for drinking.  Now, that’s an astonishing figure!  Of all the water we have, how crazy is it that we can only drink a fraction of it.

This percentage includes all of the spring water we have right now, as you can simply tap into the Earth or bottle it from a spring and drink right away.  Here at Glen Summit Spring Water, we keep water as pure as it can be, without adding any chemicals or filters to it, as the Earth already does that naturally.  If it’s not broke, why try to fix it?

To taste the difference in water, and enjoy what water should taste like, give us a call today!


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