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Happy Friday to all you Glen Summit fans out there!  We’re here with another edition of Fun Fact Friday, and we’re coming at you with a fun fact on how this whole bottled water show started!

You may think that bottled water is a fairly new idea, but the truth is that it has been around for quite a while.  If we do not count the instances of ancient civilizations filling jugs of water from a stream and taking it back home, then the first case of bottled water on record is in 1622.  Holy Well, a village in the United Kingdom (fitting name, we know) was known for their fresh spring water, much like Glen Summit, Pennsylvania.  People loved the water, and would travel far and wide to get a taste, so the local villagers thought of the great idea to bottle it, and sell it across the land.  Using barrels, they were successful in selling their water, and it soon became a hit.

Over the years, this idea spread, and the containers shrank from oversized barrels to the bottles we know and love today.  Currently, the bottled water economy is valued at $170 billion, a whole lot more than the few pence it was back in 17th Century England.

Holy Wells must have been some good water, but we think we have it better.  To taste the Glen Summit difference, give us a call today!

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