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Hey there Glen Summit Spring Water fans, and welcome to our newest feature: Fun Fact Friday!  Every Friday, we will write a different fact about what we do, and tell you a little about it.  

Join us today, as we give you a little tidbit about the relationship between your brain and that tree in your yard!

Did you know that the human brain is 75% water?  Coincidentally, a tree is also made up of 75% water.  Now, despite the fact that this is a real crazy coincidence, it shows just how important water is to living creatures.  When water makes up the majority of your being, regardless of what being you are, it shows the importance of its presence.  Be sure to replenish the water in your body regularly by drinking water throughout the day!

To help you out with that water intake, give us a call today!  In no time, we can deliver a case of our freshest spring water, just in time for Easter!  

Have a great Friday!

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