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Spring water is amazing, and not just for its clean taste.  Containing several minerals inside, this water can be the perfect addition to your diet.  But what are some of the goodies that bottled water has in store?  Read on to find out more!


Spring water is a great source of magnesium, which is essential for healthy body structure and function.  In addition to this, magnesium is great for your nervous system, and can be found in spring water.  By choosing to drink the daily recommended amount of spring water, you are choosing to have the right amount of magnesium in your system all day long.


When we think of calcium, we first think of milk being the sole drink to turn to.  However, spring water is a good source of calcium, and can provide your daily amount when you drink the daily amount.


Bicarbonate is a mineral that many may not be aware of, but it has a very important function in your body.  Being able to regulate your pH, bicarbonate is helpful for preventing kidney stones and helping digestive health.  Luckily enough, you can find just enough of this lovely mineral in a bottle of our spring water.

All of these goodies, and many more, can be found in just one bottle of Glen Summit Spring water!  You won’t find these in other bottled waters, as some may not be bottled directly from a spring, which naturally collects these minerals during the filtration process.  

To experience the wonder that is Glen Summit Spring Water, give us a call today!

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