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kids hydratedWith another new school year underway, we thought it was an appropriate time to tackle (discuss) some tips with you to keep this year as filled with as much hydration – and happiness – as possible.

Teaching your kids to drink the right amount of water, at the right times of the day, can help to ward off those back-to-school ‘hangovers’ while making it easier on you as a parent.

Therefore, our team at Glen Summit Spring Water team put together these four tips below to make the back-to-school transition an easier one:

  • Make sure your kids drink water first thing in the morning. As they sleep for hours during the night, it’s impossible for kids to be drinking water. Though they may not feel thirsty when they first wake up, it’s extremely important for them to hydrate early in the morning so they don’t feel exhausted and have enough energy to take on their school day.
  • Have them bring a (school-approved) water bottle with them. For better academic performance, water is key! Proper hydration is essential to brain health and function – which includes concentration and cognitive ability. The more water they drink, the more likely they’ll achieve higher grades.
  • Better manage their mood swings. Awkwardness and mood swings can be heightened at the beginning of the new school year. To alleviate this, serve your kids water with each meal. If they are dehydrated they are more likely to be grumpy and develop headaches. It will also help ward off acne and keep their skin more clear!
  • Keep your athlete hydrated. If your kids play sports, they are at a higher risk of injury of they are dehydrated. At the beginning of the school year, their bodies are not yet acclimated to the rigors of sport. Ensure they have water available to drink before, during and after any exercise they participate in. Water will also help to build up muscle tone, and prevent sore muscles and joints that can occur after exercise.

Water is vitally essentially for school-age students. You can help them make the back-to-school transition so much smoother by helping them to stay hydrated – from the time they wake-up until they go to sleep.

We can help you, help them with our water offerings and delivery service.

Happy hydrating!

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