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Water is our passion, and we love helping our clients become more hydrated.  However, we are aware of the environmental impacts that our bottles can have.  Thankfully, with some simple tips and a few minutes of your time, you can make sure that our bottles are disposed of properly, and can be recycled to hold more blissful Glen Summit Spring water.  Join us today as we go over our comprehensive guide to recycling water bottles!

In the past, recycling water bottles proved to be a challenge, but with modern technology,

it has become nothing short of a breeze.  In addition, the initiative that many municipalities have taken to include a recycling route to their normal trash route has made recycling much more convenient, and as a result, many more people have become a part of the movement.  So, to make sure that our bottles do not leave a footprint, simply place them in the recycling bin and set them out on the curb—your friendly neighborhood recycling crew will come by shortly to pick it up for you, and bring our bottles to be reused for some other creation.

If by some odd reason your town does not offer a recycling route, know that you can always drop off our bottles at your nearest recycling center.  All you need to do is drop it off in one of the premarked bins, and you can be certain that these bottles will find a new use somewhere in the future.  

Alternatively, you can also find other ways to recycle your bottles in your own home.  Take a quick search on Google to find out all the cool things you can do with a used water bottle—the list is pretty endless.   

Taking a sip of our cool, crisp water feels pretty great, but helping to save the environment feels even better.  Do your part today, and help us recycle our bottles!

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