How water can help you survive holiday parties

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It’s December 1, and we’ve officially begun the holiday season.

However, in many cases we’re “over” it – overspending, over-drinking, over-decorating and overeating.

With parties and family events galore, how could you not stress?

No worries! Did know that you can survive your rash of holiday parties relatively unscathed? Yes, you can!

And, water can help you get there!

Did you know that in 60-percent of the time, your body confuses thirst for hunger? Because many people do not drink enough on a daily basis – we need approximately 64 ounces of water per day to assist with your body and mind to function properly, as well as keep your metabolism up.

Water also helps your body to process food. Therefore, we suggest drinking half of your daily allowance in ounces before you head out to any holiday gathering. In order to avoid overeating, we also encourage you to sip water throughout the time you’re there.

And, don’t forget – our full line of Glen Summit Spring Water products are at your service to help you make it through.

Happy holidays!

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