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7-5-16In these warmer months, you may not think that you can get sick as often as you do in the winter.  Contrary to popular belief, colds happen in the summer too, and often in greater quantities than they do in the winter!  However, no matter what season it is when you fall ill, you need to make sure to stay hydrated when you’re sick; it might just be the thing to beat that cold!

Water to humans is like gasoline to cars; it is essential to proper function.  Without water, our bodies could not perform the usual tasks they do on a daily basis, like physical activity and digestion.  When you’re sick, your body is diverting more energy into defeating whatever microbial invader you have in your system, using up more water in the process.  Just like a car running a long trek, you are going to have to fuel up more often in order to keep functioning at a normal rate.

Likewise, the more water your body has, the more energy it can use to combat the attack it is under.  Water will keep your body strong, especially when you’re sick.

Don’t let yourself become dehydrated when fighting a cold or and sickness, as most complications from a cold or flu stem from dehydration.

While any type of water will help keep you hydrated, the natural minerals found in spring water will provide reinforcements for the battle.  So, when choosing water to drink when you’re feeling down, be sure to choose all-natural spring water.

To order your delivery of our fresh spring water, give us a call today!  We’ll come to you, even if you are sick, to make sure that you will be properly hydrated!

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