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8-25-16You may think that all of the water in your daily life needs to come from drinking water, and water alone.  You also may be surprised to find that this is not necessarily true.  Sure, most of your water intake does come from water and other liquids, but there are several foods that you eat on a regular basis that do their job at keeping you properly hydrated.  By making sure that you eat enough of these foods throughout the day, you can be sure that you’ll stay hydrated, no matter what the day throws at you.

Out of all the solid foods on the planet, nothing contains more water than cucumbers.  These delicious summertime vegetables have a 96.7% water content, making them a hydration powerhouse when it comes to food.  Put them in a salad, eat them with some hummus, or in a glass of water for a refreshing and tasty way to hydrate all year round.

Celery is another great vegetable that has a high water content, 95.4% to be exact.  Not only is celery hydrating, but it is also a food with a very low calorie count of 6 per stalk.  With this being said, feel free to much on celery all day long.  Great with peanut butter, with some wings, or even just by themselves, celery is a wholesome, hydrating snack.

While its name may give it away, watermelon is another great hydrating food that you and the kids are sure to enjoy!  With a water content of 91.5%, and a excellent source of lycopene (a cancer-fighting antioxidant), the watermelon makes for a formidable snack.  Cut some up, or better yet, put a few cubes in the bottom of a water pitcher for some wonderful fruit-flavored water.

The foods you eat on a daily basis work hard to keep you hydrated, but they are no substitute for the real deal.  Fresh water will always keep you hydrated, and spring water takes it a step forward by providing you with essential nutrients and minerals for a healthy lifestyle.

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