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The temperature has been staying steady in the mid-80’s for a while now, which can be pretty hot for some, especially your dog.  While you may not know it, your pet can become dehydrated a whole lot faster than you can, which is why it is doubly important to keep water within their reach during hot days.  However, there are other ways you can keep them hydrated, and we go over them in our latest blog!

Water is great for replenishing your pet, but they do not have the added cooling power that an ice cube has.  Perfect for a quick munch, drop your buddy a few ice cubes from the cooler when you’re lounging out by the pool.  We promise that they will gobble it up in no time.

Another simple but often overlooked way to keep your dog hydrated is to help keep in cool, namely by brushing him regularly; break out that comb and take away all of the dead hair on their body, and they will be thanking you in no time.  See, to a dog, old hair stuck on them is like the equivalent of us wearing a sweater, in the fact that it will insulate heat.  A hydrated dog is a cool dog, and a cool dog is a happy dog.

Finally, one clever way to keep your dog hydrated and to let him have some summertime fun is to invest in a kiddie pool.  Perfect for dogs that are not swimmers, they can sit, lounge, and drink from the pool while you have some fun.  Just remember to change out the water between usages.

The heat and humidity can sure take a toll on your pets, so play ahead of the curve and make sure they are hydrated!

For more hydration tips and tricks, be sure to scour our blog!

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