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It is that time of year again where everyone around is drinking a whole lot of caffeine, in hopes of getting some extra energy throughout the season.  Whether it be a person scouring the aisles for gifts for loved ones, a student pushing through exams, or just someone who needs a little bit of extra energy to make it to the end of the day, a caffeinated beverage can do wonders.  However, no matter how much caffeine you drink, it won’t do you much good without water.  Read on to find out what we mean!

Caffeine is naturally diuretic, which means that for a short while after you consume it, it will increase your urine output.  Not only that, but caffeine will also cause your body to use up more water due to its function on the brain.  In both scenarios, caffeine will make your body become more and more dehydrated, leading to adverse health effects and complications.  A simple way to diffuse this is to intermittently drink water in between cups of coffee, energy drinks, or whatever else it is you use to get your fix.  This simple addition to your routine can help you so much down the road when drinking caffeine!

Not only that, but by keeping hydrated, you will actually help the effects that caffeine has on you.  Since there is more water for the drug to pull from, and by extension, more resources it can use to accomplish its task, you will feel the benefits of caffeine much more if you stay hydrated.  Even more of a reason to drink water when looking for an extra boost of energy.

Adding water into your caffeinated routine does not require much effort, and can reward you immensely.  So, how about you give it a shot this holiday season?

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