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We all have those points during the day when we just need another boost of energy to make it to the end.  Now, while most people reach for the coffee pot or an energy drink, there is a much healthier, sustainable, and effective solution: water.  Come see how water can help wake you up in our latest blog!

When we say that water has the ability to keep you awake throughout the day, we don’t mean splashing your face with it.  Instead, the natural benefits of hydration can keep you perked up, as all of your systems will be functioning at their best.  More often than not, the reason as to why we are tired lie in the fact that our bodies are lacking something—whether it be sleep, food, or fun.  Thankfully, being properly hydrated can reduce the intensity of these effects, rendering you wide awake throughout the day.

So, instead of reaching for that steaming coffee pot, how about reaching for that ice cold water instead?  Better yet, instead of reaching for just any water, how about reaching for a bottle of Glen Summit Spring water instead.  Coming straight from Mother Earth and infused with several minerals, you can be assured that Glen Summit Spring Water is the best water out there.

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