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Hey there Glen Summit Spring Water fans, 2016 is almost at its close.  This year has been quite a year to say the least, with the passing of many superstars, geopolitical changes, and more advancements in technology.  However, no matter what you’ve thought of 2016, we guarantee that you can make 2017 much better with one simple resolution: drinking more water.

What we are asking you to do is not to replace every drink with water, but to simply keep water in mind when considering a drink.  By doing this, you can hydrate yourself better, and as a result, you’ll be a healthier person in the coming year.  For example, say that every other time you go out to a restaurant, you order a water.  Or perhaps you make it a goal to have water with at least one meal everyday.  Simple changes like these enacted over the coming year can transform your live tenfold.

Another easy way to drink more water in the coming year is to start bringing water to work.  Make it a mission to drink 2 bottles of water when you’re at work, and expand from there.  In no time you’ll be drinking the daily recommended amount of water (4 bottles, or 8 cups) in no time.

Finding a New Year’s resolution may be challenging, but we promise that our resolution will be worthwhile.  With some simple changes, you can make yourself a much more hydrated, healthy, and better person in the coming year.

To get a head-start in your resolution for the coming year, give us a call today and we’ll run over some of our fresh spring water!

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