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8-4-16In the summer, you’re going to want to spend every waking moment with those who you deem close to you, even if they’re furry and have four legs.  From walks on the beach to playing fetch in the backyard, there is so much that you can do with your pet this season.  However, with all of the increased outdoor activity, you are going to want to make sure your buddy is properly hydrated.  Here are some common signs of pet dehydration, and how to combat them.

Dogs are definitely an example of some of the finer things in life, but they are extremely susceptible to dehydration, thanks to panting!  Constant panting is bound to happen out in the heat, and is an easy way to tell if you’re dog is losing fluids.  Other signs of dehydration include tiredness, change in attitude, sunken eyes, and a dry nose.  In addition, if the skin of your dog loses its elasticity, it is a sure sign of dehydration.  Get your dog to a bowl of water as soon as you can, but make sure that he hydrates slowly–over-drinking can induce vomiting, which in turn leads to more fluids being lost.  Let him take a few sips at a time, give him a 2 minute break, and let him sip again.  Repeat until he is no longer thirsty.

Cats, while not necessarily being the outdoorsy-type, can become dehydrated as the day progresses.  They will, for the most part, exhibit the same symptoms that a dog would show for dehydration–panting, sunken eyes, dry mouth and nose, and a change in attitude.  In addition, a loss of appetite can also be a sign of dehydration.  To hydrate your feline friend, provide a bowl of water, and allow her to sip periodically.  If she does not want to drink, or if signs are still present after an hour of drinking, take her to a vet–there may be an underlying problem.

Hydration is a cornerstone of good health in the warmer months for humans and animals alike.  Whether you’re running on the trail or just hanging poolside, be sure to drink water and hydrate!  We promise that both you and your furry friend will be much happier if you do!

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