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main_chanie_distilled_spring_waterThe words “purified water” and “spring water” have been thrown around so often, you may think the two are synonymous.  While both mean great tasting water, there is a clear and evident difference between the two.

In a nutshell, purified water is just filtered water, and spring water is water that comes from a natural source, such as an aquifer.  The Environmental Protection Agency’s guidelines for purified water states that all imperfections must be filtered down to 10 parts per million; however microbes are allowed to stay in the water.  Spring water, on the other hand, is bottled at a natural source, and is filtered by rocks.  This filtration process allows for clearer, all-natural water, while adding in extra minerals from the rock that are vital for healthy living.  Unlike purified water, spring water is safe to drink without any extra filtration, since Mother Nature did all the work.

So, the next time you pick up a bottle of water, look to see if it is spring water, or just purified water.  If you happen to pick up a bottle of Glen Summit Spring Water, you know you’re getting the best water nature can make, with enough natural minerals to keep you going throughout the day!

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