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3-29-16Now that Easter has come and gone, the full front of spring is ready to come into view.  While the warm weather is a nice break from the cold winter we just had, it comes with a heavy responsibility: conserving water.  So, to help you be ahead of the curve, we’ve provided a few quick tips on how to conserve water this spring.

First and foremost, the trick to conserving water is to be conscious of how much you are really using.  For example, maybe you don’t need to water your lawn everyday; maybe every other day would do just as well.  The same goes for taking showers–a 5 minute shower may be more water-efficient (and faster) than taking a 20 minute shower.  Branching off of this, just by turning off the tap when you brush your teeth can save up to 8 gallons of water.

This spring, we would like to challenge our customers and clients to be water-conscious, and help us in the effort to conserve water.  Droughts are abundant in the warmer months, but with an effort, we can help prevent those droughts.  So, please join us this year in the quest to conserve water–it doesn’t take much effort, but it can produce massive benefits for Mother Nature.

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