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10-6-16Sleep–The one thing everyone needs more of, but can’t seem to get enough.  From hardworking moms to college students and everyone in-between, it seems that everyone is in search of that perfect rest.  While you’re burying yourself in online help articles about natural sleep aids, we have one that is sure to boot all the others: hydration.

Hydration is a key factor when is comes to getting a good night’s rest, and keeping up with it throughout the day can pay big time when you finally hit the sack.  Here’s how it works: Hydration is linked with healthier bodily functions, especially brain activity, as it is made up of more than 80% water.  By keeping your brain moist, it will function at a better rate, and help you fall asleep once you crawl into bed.  The brain knows when it’s time to recharge, so by letting it perform at its maximum, it can help you fall asleep much quicker.

Not only that, but proper hydration is also an effective temporary solution to sleep deprivation.  Now, while sleep is the best cure for sleep deprivation, giving your body the water that it needs can tremendously help it function properly throughout the day, even with the lack of sleep.  It may not be a pillow and a blanket, but it sure comes close.

At Glen Summit Spring Water, we like to think of water as a type of “super-food”.  It seems as though everyday, people are finding new ways that water helps your body, and all of the wonderful things it can do.

Thankfully, it’s easy to get all of these wonderful benefits!  Just give us a call, and we can run you some of our fresh spring water.  Then, start drinking, and reap all of the amazing benefits water has in store for you.

Hydration is liberation with the Glen Summit Spring Water nation!

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