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10-27-16Hey all you Glen Summit Spring Water fans, how excited are you for Hallo-weekend?  While we are sure that you are off busy getting costumes and all the food for your party, we ask you to take a few minutes to read on, to make sure that you have a healthy and happy weekend, all with the help of water.

No matter what you plan to do, whether it be go with the kids around the neighborhood for trick-or-treat-ing, or staying home to throw a party, be sure that water makes an appearance.  Frequent hydration, especially with the little ones in their costumes, can help both you and them to have a great time.  Not to mention, it can get pretty hot in those costumes!

In addition, if you plan to throw a party, please be sure to drink water regularly.  Generally speaking, one glass of water between each alcoholic drink will keep your body functioning well, and will prevent those nasty morning-after symptoms as well.  Pace yourself, and be sure to hydrate.

Regardless of what you plan to do during this Hallo-weekend, we hope that you stay safe and hydrated!  Should you need water for your specific way of celebrating, give us a call, and we’ll run you over some in a jiffy.

Happy Halloween from all of us at Glen Summit Spring Water!

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