Spring Water v. Tap: Is There Really a Difference?

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In our line of work, we often get questions about the nature of our water.  These questions range from: What makes spring water different?  To: Is spring water actually better for you than regular tap water?  Well, to help quell all of these suspicions, we invite you to read our latest article, as we finally put this issue to bed!

However, before we get to the question between tap water and spring water, we must accurately define spring water.  Spring water is simply water that has been filtered by the Earth, and is collected from an aquifer, spout, or runoff stream.  This water has been filtered by miles and miles of rocks, moss, and sediment, meaning that pristine, all-natural drinking water, with the addition of multiple vitamins and naturally occurring minerals, is the final product.  

On the other hand, tap water is essentially wastewater or runoff that has been collected, housed in a plant, and subjected to a wide array of chemicals in order to make it drinkable.  Chemicals range from simple ones like citric acid to chlorine—deadly to humans when taken in large quantities.  Now, while these chemicals to the trick to make the water pure, there is a very good chance that there are residues left in the water, residues that you and your family will drink.  Not to mention whatever may be lurking in the water pipes, as we have seen in Flint’s water crisis.

With all of the information presented in front of you, do you think there can really be a difference between the two waters?  One, that has been naturally filtered by millenia, always producing the best drinking water, or the one that has been treated with a wide-array of toxic chemicals?  We won’t give this one away, as we will leave it up to you to decide.

If you do feel as though spring water is the way to go, Glen Summit Spring water really captures that pure taste, and plentiful nutrients.  So, if you are feeling like you could use some happiness in your life, give us a call and we’ll run you over a case in no time flat!

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