Spring Water: The Way to Get Through the Holidays

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We’re down to the wire, Glen Summit Spring Water fans, as the holidays officially start this weekend!  No matter what you celebrate, we hope that you will enjoy the weekend responsibly, and some spring water may be your greatest asset to do so.  Read on to find out more!

During all of these holiday parties and dinners with family, staying hydrated could be the best thing for you.  The more water you have in your system, the better you can process all of the stories that friends and families have to share, and will keep your mind sharp when telling compelling stories.  Not only that, but hydration keeps your mental health in check, making you less likely to become agitated throughout the night.

In addition, if you plant to drink during the evening, spacing water between drink is a great way to keep you both hydrated and alert.  Alcohol forces the liver to work double time in order to absorb it, which in turn requires more water to be used.  In a sense, alcohol dehydrates you, so spacing out each drink with a glass of water will keep you going strong throughout the entire holiday season.

The holidays can be jammed packed with things to do, but spring water can keep you healthy, hydrated, and collected through all of it.  To get a case delivered to your home before the holidays, give us a call today!

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