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The spring season is finally upon us, Glen Summit fans!  With the coming of spring comes the hopefulness that warm weather and beautiful flowers will be heading our way soon.  Now, in the midst of all this, it is imperative that you stay hydrated, as warmer weather means that your body needs more water to function.  Thus, we invite you to join us today, as we go over some simple tips to keep you hydrated this season!

Our first tip we have for you is an age-old one: drink consistently.  You cannot be hydrated by drinking sporadically, or only during meals—you need to drink constantly throughout the day to maintain the level of hydration that your body needs.  Ideally, you should be looking to take a sip of water every 15 minutes or so, which will bring you to the recommended daily amount simply in the workday alone.  Added points for opting for water during meals.

This brings us right into our next tip: it’s also about what you eat.  There are many foods that you eat throughout the day that have a very high water content, leading you to become much more hydrated.  Foods like this are your fruits and vegetables, like cucumbers, watermelons, and strawberries.  Incorporating these into your daily diet, perhaps as a midday snack, will go a long way in keeping your body functioning properly.

Our final tip for you is an obvious one, but it can be a little bit more difficult to execute: choose your drink wisely.  As the temperature starts to increase, you may feel as though a sports drink will do you more good than a bottle of water.  We cannot state how wrong this is, as sports drinks often add space while not giving you any of the nutrients that you need.  Instead, stick to water for your main source of hydration, as it gets into your system fast without the useless space.  We are not saying that you cannot enjoy one of those drinks from time to time, but just be aware that they should not be your main source of hydrations.

With all of these tips at your disposal, we hope that you are ready to take on the hydration challenges of spring.  Should you need any more advice on spring hydration, know that you can always turn to Glen Summit Spring Water—check out our newest blogs every Tuesday and Thursday!

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