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10-25-16This time of year can prove to be incredibly stressful for people out there.  From trouble with work to college student finagling their way through midterms, everyone can get a little anxious this time of year.  No matter what is getting you stressed, we guarantee that water can make it better!

When someone is stressed and says “get me a drink,” you may think twice the next time, and pass them a cool glass of water instead.  Since our bodies are made up of a large percentage of water, keeping a high level of water in our systems helps our bodies function properly, even when it feels like the brain wants to give up.  In fact, studies have shown that by just being half-a-liter dehydrated, cortisol levels can rise in the brain, which directly contribute towards stress.  Keeping an optimal level of hydration can prevent this from happening, and thus help you relax a little bit.

So go ahead, take on that extra project, get in a little overtime, or stay late to finish up that paper, because with the right amount of water, you can do almost anything that you put your mind to!

Give us a call today if you’re feeling a little stressed, and we’ll run you over a case of our freshest water.  We guarantee that it will make a difference!

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