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12-6-16Nothing is better for relieving all of the holiday stress than enjoying a nice, cool glass of refreshing water.  However, the type water that you drink can have a direct effect on your stress relief and overall health, even if you don’t recognize it.  While tap water is easily accessible, we advise you to think twice before turning on the faucet and filling up your glass.

Tap water, as opposed to spring water, has undergone extensive treatment in order to be considered suitable for drinking.  Whereas spring water makes use of the Earth’s natural formations and filters to deliver your crisp tasting water, tap water must be subjected to various chemicals–including chlorine–in order to purify it for drinking.  In recent years, there have been many cases of contaminants leaking into tap water, which include but are no limited to lead, chlorine, and polyfluoroalkyl, right here in New Jersey.

Unlike tap water, spring water needs to chemicals to purify it, as the natural rock formations of the Earth does it automatically.  Water is collected on the surface, and seeps down several hundred feet of rocks and sediment, separating particles from the water while collection various minerals essential for everyday health.  Then it is collected in an aquifer, and then bottled at the source, which is precisely what we do at Glen Summit Spring water.

So the next time you are looking for a break from hanging up all of the lights or trimming your tree, think twice before filling up at the faucet.  Opting for a cool bottle of Glen Summit Spring water from the refrigerator may be just the thing you need.

For a delivery of our fresh, crisp spring water, give us a call today!

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