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Everywhere you look these days, you are bound to find a water filter pitcher nearby. Either on the shelves in stores, or in the refrigerator of your friend, it seems as though these things are everywhere. But what exactly do they do? Well, join us today as we cover the use of the water filter!

Water filters are used to filter out tap water into something that is a little more drinkable. By using activated charcoal, the filters are able to pull out things from the water such as chlorine, fluoride, and other chemicals or toxins that may have made their way into the water system. Since tap water is subjected to countless chemicals to be rendered drinkable, there is a good possibility that some may be left over at the end, winding up in your glass.

These filters will try their best to separate these chemicals and toxins, but sometimes even the best defenses can be beat. That is why we believe that the best water is one that does not need to be chemically treated to be drinkable. Spring water is filtered by the Earth, all by a natural process, meaning that Mother Nature does all the work to make your water taste amazing.

There are no chemicals involved in our filtration process, since the Earth does it for us. So, when you open up one of our bottles, you are opening up a whole world of hydration, without the fear of chemicals getting in the way.

To experience the freshness for yourself, give us a call today, and we will run you over a case of our famous spring water!

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