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There has been much debate going on about whether it is better for you to drink cold or warm water, and we feel as though we should weigh in on it. Join us today, as we go into the debate, highlight the pros of both!

No matter the temperature, water is water. Whether it is cold or warm, water will still help to keep you hydrated, and the body can absorb it much faster than other liquids. However, in spite of this, there are times where drinking one over the other with benefit your body more.

When to drink cold water:

It is best to drink cold water when you are exercising, or looking to lose weight. During the former, your body heats and up starts to sweat, which is why cold water is a great way to cool it down, and to keep you hydrated. On the other hand, cold water is great for weight loss because it can fire up your metabolism, meaning less energy that is being stored as fat. Finally, cold water is the best thing you can drink with a fever, since it will help to cool the body down.

When to drink warm water:

Cold water may have its merits, but there are plenty of instances where warm water shines. For example, warm water is great at helping digestion, and can even attribute to the detox movement. This temperature will also do wonders in relieving both pain and constipation, as it can better slide through your system. Cold water needs to be warmed up by your body before absorption, whereas warm water will not need as much energy.

No matter what temperature you are drinking water at, it is important to remember that water is water—it will keep you hydrated at any temperature. The important thing is to keep drinking, and stay hydrated.

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