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3-31-16Hey there, Glen Summit fans, we have a Wet N’ Wild Fun Fact heading your way on this lovely Thursday.  Today, we thought we would give you a little something on water itself, and a fact that is often overlooked.

Since the inception of the Earth and of the water in it, no new water has been created.  Therefore, since water has a habit of recycling itself, the same water you drink is the same water the dinosaurs drank many many millions of years ago.  While this may freak out some, it is pretty astonishing to think that Mother Nature has the ability to do such a thing; to keep the cycle of water going for years and years on end.  That is exactly what we try to capture in every bottle of our natural spring water, the complexity yet simplicity of change over the course of several million years.

So, feel free to crack into a bottle of our all-natural spring water, and see for yourself how good of a job Mother Nature really does.

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