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4-12-16While the title may seem a little peculiar (as we say you should be drinking water all the time!) there are certain times where you should absolutely be drinking water.  So today, let’s explore those situations where staying hydrated is the key to success.

The human body is so clever, it has invented a warning system to tell you when you need to drink more water: sweat.  Whenever you sweat, regardless if it is because of exercise or the heat, your  body is losing fluids that need to be replaced.  Having a cool glass of water will help restore some of the fluids, and help your body maintain its natural rhythm.

Another instance when you need to drink water is when you are sick.  The immune system is fantastic when it comes to fighting of disease, but it requires a whole lot of resources to operated.  Drinking water when you are sick will help keep your body hydrated, which will undoubtedly help your immune system fight off whatever it is defending you from.

Finally, another time you should be drinking water is whenever you feel hungry between meals.  Instead of needless snacking, down a glass of cool water to quell the hunger inside, and help keep your body hydrated.  It’s just a simple way to trick your body, and to help you eat healthier.

While there is never a wrong time to drink water, there are times where you really should drink your fair share.  So, help stay committed to drinking water when you really should, as you and your body will thank you for it later.

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