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3-22-16As a bottled water distributor, we are aware of the ecological footprint that we may leave on the environment if our bottles are not properly recycled.  At Glenn Summit Spring Water, we try our best to educate our clients on how to properly dispose of our bottles, not in the trash but into a recycling container.

Contrary to popular belief, putting a bottle of water in a trash can will not result in it being recycled.  Instead, that trash bag will most likely be taken to a landfill, where the bottle will sit for millions of years until it is broken down and decomposed.  However, when you place a bottle in the recycling, it will be sent to a plant that will re-purpose the plastic for something else; reducing the need for more plastic to be created and limiting the number of bottles in a landfill.

So the next time you finish a bottle of water, whether it says Glen Summit Spring Water on it or not, please be conscientious of the environment and place it in the recycling bin.

If we all pitch in, then maybe we can all reduce our footprint on the environment.

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