About Glen Summit’s Beginnings

The history of Glen Summit Spring water is a true family affair. Its founder, J.E. Patterson, was a successful Wilkes-Barre businessman who initially purchased 500 acres of property in the area that is now Glen Summit. He eventually sold some of the property for development, but retained 200 acres that contained the finest springs and began bottling water in 1884.

In 1936, the controlling interesting Glen Summit Springs Water Company was purchased by William Richard Quin. Today, the company is still owned by the Quin family, who are proud to continue the long history of bottling fresh, crisp spring water from the source in beautiful Glen Summit.

Our Company

Glen Summit is a family owned business offering PURE spring water to local communities throughout Southern New Jersey and Northern Delaware.

Our pure, natural, real spring water will be delivered right to your door by our friendly drivers.

At Glen Summit Spring Water we are committed to providing you with the best service and products to suit your specific needs.