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For us, it’s pretty easy to tell when we need some extra water, but what about your furry friend?  Join us today, as we lay out the basics for making sure that your pet is hydrated on these hot summer days!

The first step to ensuring that your pet is hydrated is to supply him with, well, water!  It may sound like a no-brainer, but one of the leading causes of pet dehydration is a lack of water available to them.  Remember, they cannot pull out a glass from the cabinet and turn on the faucet themselves, so be sure to regularly check that they have water throughout the day.  In addition, there’s no reason to limit their water bowl to just one spot in the home, especially if they like to explore.  At the very least, have one indoors and one in the yard, so they can hydrated at any time they need.

If your pup looks like he could use some water, but just does not have the energy to get it (as some older dogs may seem) then feeding him ice chips is a great alternative.  Great for cooling him down and hydrating at the same time!

Finally, if you are going out on a walk during these hot summer days, bring a bottle of water with you for when your pet needs a short break.  Pet dehydration can occur faster than you think, so it pays to have something in reserve before you head on back home.

Pet dehydration is rampant during this time of the year, but your dog doesn’t have to be another one of its victims.  

For more hydration tips and tricks, check back every Tuesday for a new addition to our blog!

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