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Happy day to all you Glen Summit Spring Water fans out there, and welcome to our latest blog.  Please join us today, as we highlight the importance of staying hydrated, even when the weather may be turning cool!

Autumn is simply a wonderful time of year, but as the days get shorter and the temperature gets colder, it is imperative to remember that you should be continuing to drink water.  Unlike the warmer months of the year, you will not necessarily know you need to drink it (think how many times at the beach you would think “I really need a bottle of water; it’s just too hot”) but you are still doing some physical activity—apple picking, pumpkin carving, and trick-or-treating—that will all drain your body of fluids.  The goal is to drink water before you know you are thirsty, as it means that you are doing a phenomenal job at staying hydrated!

Knowing to drink water is half the battle, but you should also keep in mind the type of water that you drink.  All-natural spring water sets itself aside from the competitors thanks to the vitamins and minerals acquired from the purification process.  Unlike other waters, spring water has been filtered by the Earth itself, meaning that you are getting the wholesome goodness of natural vitamins and minerals that are necessary for a healthy life in every bottle.
Are you ready to experience the Glen Summit difference?  Give us a call today, and we’ll run you over a case of our finest water, straight from Glen Summit Springs in Pennsylvania!

Enjoy your Thursday!

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