As Temperature Increases, So Should Your Water Intake

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Isn’t it starting to feel like spring once more, Glen Summit Spring fans?  Birds are chirping, baseball is back, and it is finally appropriate to wear shorts.  However, as we enjoy the wonderfulness of spring, be sure that you are keeping up with your daily hydration requirements!

As the temperature goes up in our region, you water intake should follow suit.  It is no secret that we sweat in order to cool ourselves off, or find ourselves working a whole lot more in the outdoors during this time.  When both of these things happen, our body is using a whole lot of energy—and by extension fluids—in order to power the magnificent creation that is your body.  Treat your body well and do it a favor by replenishing more often with water, and in higher quantities.  Not only will you feel as though you perform better, but you will feel much more happy and hydrated!

Now, choosing what to hydrate with is a question in and of itself.  Sure, there is nothing stopping you from sipping on a cool soda or a chilled glass of lemonade, but nothing hydrates you more than fresh, spring water—much like the water that comes out of Glen Summit Spring.  Stick to water as your go-to thirst quencher, and you will be set to go this spring.

To have your own case of hydration in the coming season, give us a call today!   

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