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To all construction workers, landscapers, and everyone else who may be working outside—heed the call of hydration!  A hot and humid Mid-Atlantic summer means that dehydration is rampant, although the humidity may be fooling you around every corner.  Read on to learn how you can tell if you’re dehydrated on the job, and how to properly hydrate yourself throughout the day!

Whether you’re outside for a couple of minute or a couple of minutes, there’s a good chance that your body is losing water through perspiration.  Sweating is a natural thing we do to keep cool, but it comes at the expense of water leaving your body.  Luckily enough, all you have to do to get that water back is to grab a bottle of water, but it is much easier to keep the right amount of water in your than to replace what you have lost.

Sure, that may be a challenging idea at first—because water may not be seen as “enjoyable,” but if you break down your water ration throughout the working period, it becomes much easier.  If you’re on the job outside, every time you take a break in the air conditioning, be sure to down a bottle before heading back out into the heat.  Ideally, any time you put down your tools or take a stretch, you should be drinking some water to replace what you have already sweat out.  

Now, when you choose to hydrate, make sure you are choosing a water that will hydrate you, and them some.  The natural minerals found in spring water help to replace what you have lost through a day of hard work, and should be the first thing you turn to when looking for a drink.  

With the option of worksite delivery from Glen Summit Spring Water, being sure that your crew is hydrated has never been easier!  Give us a call today to explore how you can keep your entire crew happy, productive, and hydrated.

See you soon!

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