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Water comes in many forms, but some may be considered better than others.  It may be a hard concept to grab at first (“they’re all water, so how different can they really be?”) but once you taste the difference, it’s hard to go back.  Join us today, as we explain to you the difference between our water, and all of the other water you may find out there.

First and foremost, you can tell a lot about water based off of its label.  Not necessarily the company, but the fine print that tells you what kind of water.  On the market today, you have spring water, purified water, filtered water, distilled water, and out of the sink, you have traditional tap water.

All of these names may not mean much to you, but they mean everything to how the water will taste.  For example, tap water is water that has been treated with a plethora of chemical to render it drinkable, whereas purified and filtered water are passed through filter upon filter to make it clean.  Distilled is essentially boiled water that is cooled from its vapor form into water, which makes it pure, but loses many minerals in the process.

Out of all of the kinds of water, spring water is the only water that is bottled directly at the source, sealed, and shipped right to you.  Inside, you will find the water in its same form as when it was bottled—pure—without any additives or filtration.  This means that spring water is the freshest water you will find today, packed with loads of minerals thanks to Mother Nature’s natural filtration process.  It is the perfect water for all occasions.

So what do you say—are you ready to taste the difference?  Give us a call today to have your very own Glen Summit Spring Water experience, and learn why we’re the best water in the Mid-Atlantic!   

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