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Hey there Glen Summit Spring Water fans, and welcome to our newest feature: Fun Fact Friday!  Every Friday, we will write a different fact about water, and tell you a little about it.  

Join us today, as we give you an interesting fact about how your body uses water!

We all know that we lose water through as multitude of things—from exercise to using the bathroom, but did you know that you lose water when annoyed?  No, we don’t mean when you feel stressed, but throughout the day, you lose just under a cup of water from exhaling alone; and the more sighs you give off, the more water you lose!  Now, there’s no need to be alarmed, as this is just a natural effect, but it is definitely something to keep in mind on those days where you just can’t catch a break, because a glass of water may be the best thing for you.

Not just any kind of water, but water straight from Glen Summit Springs, where it is bottled straight from the source, with plentiful minerals to keep you going throughout the day.  To place your first order, give us a call today!

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