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When it comes to dieting, many people far and wide believe that the best way to go about this is to eat less carbs or to eat more greens or any other strange food combination.  Believe it or not, the key to a good diet is not focused so much on what you eat, but more so with what you drink—specifically, water.

Water, and by extension, hydration, has the ability to trick your body into thinking that you are perfectly fine.  For example, a hydrated body is a content body, and as a result you will not feel the urge to eat more.  In fact, many people mistake thirst for hunger, and eat when they should be drinking instead.  By incorporating water into your diet, you will find yourself eating fillers less, which will make you a much more happy and healthy individual.  

Not only that, but the main point to a diet is to get your body into great shape, but just by incorporating water into your standing diet you can achieve those ends.  If you substitute one sugary beverage a day with a glass of water, in conjunction with regular exercise, we promise that you will see a difference in your life.

However, you need to be paying attention to the type of water that you are drinking throughout this whole process.  Some waters, like purified and tap, do not have essential minerals in them, whereas spring water does.  These minerals may not seem like much, but their continued presence in everything you drink can correlate to a much healthier you.

To incorporate some fresh spring water into your diet, give us a call today!

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