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A very happy Friday to all you Glen Summit Spring Water fans out there, and welcome to our latest edition of Fun Fact Friday!  For this week, we decided that we would help you stay cool out there in the heat this weekend and pass along another neat tidbit about ice!

Summers run on ice—there’s no question about that—but have you ever noticed a difference in the quality of store bought ice as opposed to the ice you make in the freezer?  Sure, the price and shapes may be different, but we want to focus on another characteristic—clarity.

When you pull an ice cube out of the freezer, more often than not, it is opaque and sports a dull, white color.  Commercial ice, on the other hand, is clear, and you can see right through it.  So, how can you get your homemade ice to be crystal clear?  The answer is simple:

Spring water!

To get great ice, these commercial companies use water with little impurities to make their ice.  The two ways to do this is to either boil the water before freezing, and thereby evaporating the impurities, or to use all-natural spring water.  

Since spring water is not subjected to various chemicals and treatment methods to render it clean—and instead just nature itself—the result is organic water that is hearty in pure.  Freeze this, and you can use that goodness to keep your drinks cold all summer long, while producing commercial-quality ice right in your freezer!  Simply pour our water into your ice cube tray, and see the difference!

For more fun facts on water, be sure to check back to our blog every Friday for our latest edition of Fun Fact Friday.  But until then, we say “so long!”  

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