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Can we all agree that nothing is as quintessential for summer than beach days?  The sound of the waves crashing against the shore, the feeling of sand in your toes, and the taste of saltwater all make up the perfect day.  However, just as it’s important to pack the sunscreen, you should be packing water as well.  Join us today as we go over some easy ways you can be sure that you stay hydrated at the beach!

It may not feel like it, but you can easily become more dehydrated laying out in the sun than by doing a workout in the gym.  The sun pulls a lot more water out of people than most realize, which means that you need to be drinking regularly while catching that tan you’ve always wanted.  This is doubly true for kids, since they have less body water to begin with than adults, and will most likely spend their time running around and going into the water.

While there’s no reason to keep your water out of the cooler the entire time, it is paramount that you pack a decent amount of water for your trip.  Figure to bring 3 bottles for every person going to the beach, and pack one or two extra for those who will be active during the day.  For those who like to read on the beach, take a sip of water after every chapter, and for those who like to go in the water, drink half a bottle before going in and the other half after getting out.  Creating a plan and sticking to it is the best way to keep dehydration out of your midst on your perfect summer day.  However, upon heading back home and after showering, be sure to have another glass to cap off the day.

We hope you enjoy all the beach days this summer, but also hope that you stay hydrated!  Stick to these ideas, and you have nothing to fear but sunburn itself!

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