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Happy Friday, Glen Summit Spring Water fans, and welcome to our latest edition of Fun Fact Friday.  We invite you to join us today, as we talk about an obscure fun fact about freezing water that may come in handy in a pinch.

It is common sense that a cold environment will freeze water, but did you know that the temperature of the water itself will determine how fast it freezes?  Now, the go-to answer would be, “Well, yes, cold water would turn into ice faster.”  The answer, however, is the other way around.

The Mpemba effect is what scientists call the ability for hot water to freeze faster than cold water.  Yes, it is scientifically proven that if you stick cool water and hot water into the freezer at the same time, the hot water will crystallize sooner.  

So, why does this happen?  No one seems to know, and scientists are searching for the answer.  Maybe you can aid their efforts by trying this “experiment” on your own.

Either way, this handy dandy tip can be convenient when you forgot to pick up ice as the store for your cookout.  Just grab a few trays, put hot water in, and let it sit.  Bonus points if you boil the water first, as it will result in crystal-clear ice cubes for all your guests to enjoy.

If you enjoyed that fun fact, be sure to check back to our blog next Friday for our latest edition of Fun Fact Friday!

Until then, we say so long!  Enjoy your weekend!

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