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Hey there all you Glen Summit fans, we’re here with another edition of Fun Fact Friday on this wonderful Friday.  Join us today, as we give you a fun fact on how taking a shower can help to hydrate you.

We all love hopping into the shower to relax, but did you know that while you’re busy getting clean, the water hitting your skin can help you stay hydrated?  

While it may seem a little too good to be true, we will say that cold showers will help to keep your body hydrated.  As opposed to hot showers, which will actually cause many of the natural oils in your skin to wash away, cold showers will not bother them, allowing you to soak up some of the water that is hitting your skin.  It may not be as good for you as drinking a bottle of fresh spring water, but any chance you can take to stay hydrated throughout the day is a good choice by our standards—no matter how small the impact.

As for hot showers, while we mentioned that they will cause some natural oils to wash away, making it harder to soak up the water, you can negate this by drinking a glass of water once you get out.  Pure, clean, and great for you, a nice glass of water after a few minutes in the shower is the right way to treat yourself.

For more fun facts about the wonders of water, please feel free to check out the other blogs we have on our site, and be sure to check back next Friday for another edition of Fun Fact Friday!

Have a great weekend!

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