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8-16-16This stretch of the insane heat wave we’re in has many people reaching for their thermostats and fans to provide a bit of cool relief.  However, did you know that there is another way to beat the heat?  By properly hydrating yourself, you will feel cooler as a whole, and your body will be able to perform much better in all this hot weather.  Join us today, as we give you tips on how to properly hydrated on some of the hottest days of the year.

One of the biggest hydration tips we can give you is not to wait until you are thirsty to drink water, especially in the heat.  Your body will be constantly sweating, that is constantly removing fluids and nutrients from your body in the effort to keep you cool.  As obvious as it sounds, you need to replace that fluid that you are sweating out.  By constantly drinking, you are giving your body a regular fluid flow, allowing it to regulate itself better, and give it more fuel to help keep you cool.

Another tip we have (and it may sound gross to many people), is to monitor the color of your urine.  Believe it or not, your urine tells a lot about your body, especially how hydrated you are.  The lighter the color, the better hydrated you are.  So, if you go to the bathroom and see that it’s a very dark yellow, get to a bottle of water ASAP and start drinking!

Finally, another easy tip to stay hydrated in the heat is to avoid caffeinated drinks the best you can.  While they may give you the boost you need, caffeine has a diuretic effect on your body, which means that it sucks up a lot of water.  Caffeine can contribute to dehydration in the summer, so try to get your fix some other way.  Apples are a great wake-up alternate, as they’ll wake you up better than coffee, but are also full of fluid and vitamins.

So long as you stick to those simple tips, you should be hydrated for the rest of the heat wave, and the rest of the summer at that.  The heat may be getting you down, but we are still out there to deliver some fresh, pristine-tasting relief to our clients.  Give us a call today for a case of our best spring water, that is sure to keep you hydrated on these hot summer days!

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